Hi, I'm Chen and I'm the creator of ClipNotes.

ClipNotes got its start in 2020 when I was really motivated to improve in one of my favorite video games.  I watched many tutorials and competitive matches of top players, but watching those videos didn't improve my game.

Shortly, I discovered the world of "VOD" review.  I learned about video review tools and the theory around them, but none of the other tools out there worked for how I wanted to study video footage and organize the notes I took.

From that problem, ClipNotes was born.

The mission of ClipNotes is to unlock the learning potential of video.  Half of that mission involves building the best tool for learning from video footage.  The second half involves educating people how to use that tool to learn anything they want.

In the age of books, there were notebooks.
In the age of video, there is ClipNotes.

I hope you find ClipNotes to be an essential part of how you learn!

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Chen Li
Founder, ClipNotes